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Cooperative Assistance Programs
(Federal, State & Regional Governments Only)

The Cooperative Assistance Program is a grant program established by the Florida Legislature and the District for the purpose of financially cooperating with federal, state and regional governments to alleviate problems associated with the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and associated waterways within the District. The program is authorized by Section 374.976, Florida Statutes, and is administered under the provisions of Chapter 66B-1, Florida Administrative Code.

Eligible federal, state and regional governmental agencies seeking to develop waterway improvement projects within the twelve counties of the District (Miami-Dade to Nassau Counties) can apply for funding assistance. Eligible governmental agencies will be notified of the application process and provided an application package on January 1st of each year. Applications are then due at the District office by April 1st.

Applications are initially reviewed by District staff for compliance with District rules. If the application is in compliance, the applicant presents their application to the District's Board of Commissioners. The Board then evaluates the application for funding which is subject to statutory and budget limitations. For those projects which are approved for funding by the District Board, assistance funds become available on October 1st.

Waterway related projects must be located on natural, navigable waterways within the District. Eligible waterway related projects include the following:

Public Navigation
navigation channel dredging
channel markers
navigation signs or buoys

Waterway Related Recreation
boat ramps
docking facilities
fishing & viewing piers
waterfront boardwalks

Inlet Management

Environmental Education

Boating safety
law enforcement equipment
boating safety programs

Dredged material management
dredged material management sites
shoreline stabilization

There is no limitation on the amount funding that may be requested. The District is authorized to provide up to 75% for public navigation projects while all other project categories are eligible for up to 50% funding assistance. Annually the District allocates approximately $1 million for the program. Cash and other grant funds may be utilized as the local match.

Cooperative Assistance Project Listing

Total Project Types Funded

Quarterly Status Report Form

Payment Reimbursement Requests and Project Closeout Procedures

To Apply: Download the application form PDF to fill out or you may apply online below.

Download the Application for the Cooperative Assistance Program (PDF)

Download Part 1 - CAP Grant Instructions (WORD)

Download Part 2 - CAP Grant Application (ZIP/WORD)

CAP Rule 66B-1 (2016)

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