2024 Waterway Assistance Program Grant (local governments)

Through WAP over the past 38 years, the District has provided a total of over $325 million in funding assistance to local governments within our District to perform waterways improvement projects. Project types eligible for funding include public navigation, public waterway access facilities, waterfront parks, environmental education and boating safety projects directly related to the waterways. The District also provides grants for land acquisition which include opportunities for waterway access. Generally, ineligible costs include project maintenance, landscaping, in-house staff and reoccurring fees. Please see the program rules for more details on project eligibility.

The funding level of this year’s program will be determined in July based upon the availability of funding to the District and the quality and number of applications received.

Applications are due in the District office by 4:30 PM, April 1, 2024.  Your application must be discussed with your local FIND Commissioner prior to March 4, 2024. The application must be initialed by the Commissioner prior to submission to the District office on April 1, 2024.  Please see the application package for the complete program schedule and the name and address of your Commissioner.

A completed application shall be emailed to CKelley@aicw.org.  Applications must be received by the deadline, no exceptions.