I just received my tax bill and one of the taxing agencies is listed as FIND. What is FIND and what do you do?

Who maintains the Aids to Navigation (ATONs) along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)?

Who do I call if I see a damaged Speed Zone (No Wake, Slow Speed) or Manatee Sign?

Who do I contact if I come across a sunken vessel or marine debris that is a hazard to navigation along ICW?

There is debris (tree limbs, etc.) in the canal I use to get to the ICW.  Who is responsible for removing the debris?

Can FIND dredge the finger canal behind my house or access canal from my neighborhood to the IWW?

I bought a waterfront piece of property.  How can I find out if I can build a dock, a seawall, a boat lift, or other water-associated structure?  And what agency permits these structures?

My property survey shows a FIND easement adjacent to my property.  What does that mean and what kind of restrictions are associated with the easement? 

Are any of FIND's properties for sale?

Can the public access FIND properties for recreational use?