Channel Conditions





St. Lucie County




Day Beacon 189, S of Ft Pierce


The Coast Guard was recently notified of shoaling in the vicinity of day beacon 188, south of Fort Pierce. This shoaling poses potential hazards to mariners navigating the channel and could result in environmental consequences if a vessel were to run aground. In order to mitigate this hazard, we are broadcasting a warning to mariners and will be placing temporary buoys to warn boaters of this uncharted change in depth.

Shoaling and additional markers

 2014-2015 Hydrographic surveys

Army Corps of Engineers Channel Report - Section I (IWW, Fernandina to Key West, pages 72-91)

More up-to-date Corps of Engineers Navigation Surveys 

Abbreviations: FIND is Florida Inland Navigation District; ACOE is Army Corp of Engineers; LT is Light; DBN is Daybeacon; LNM is Local Notice to Mariners 

NOTE: This report is produced by the Florida Inland Navigation District to assist mariners using the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. This report summarizes a bathymetric survey of the channel entitled SURVEY2004 and other more recent location specific surveys which were completed by the ACOE. This report primarily highlights shoaling areas less than 8 feet in depth at mean low water. The District does not assert that this report is complete. Mariners should consult with all other navigation information to fully document existing conditions in the waterway.