Small-Scale Spoil Island Restoration & Enhancement Program

The Florida Inland Navigation District (District) is the state sponsor of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (Waterway) in Florida. The District’s 420-mile boundary includes twelve of the thirteen East Coast counties of Florida, with the exception of Monroe County.

As the state sponsor of the Waterway, the District has land-use easements covering the majority of the existing spoil islands in the waterway.

The District has elected to develop a Small-Scale Spoil Island Enhancement Program to foster “adoption & stewardship” of these islands. This program is intended to provide general improvements, cleanup and maintenance to these islands. The District intends to seek the most technically sound and cost-effective proposals that specifically address the enhancement, improvement and maintenance of spoil islands of the Waterway. Funding awards will not exceed $20,000 per project. No more than $60,000, per fiscal year, per County, shall be allocated. All funding is subject to availability of District funds for this program and approval by the District Board.

The program is open to any governmental agency who owns a spoil island, or any agency who has leased, or has a management agreement for, a spoil island from a governmental entity for restoration, enhancement, and management. Eligible local governmental agencies include municipalities, counties, port authorities, and special taxing districts within the twelve counties of the District (Nassau to Miami-Dade Counties). All applicants will be required to hold a minimum 5-year lease or management and maintenance agreement with the government owner of the spoil island. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to: exotic vegetation removal; habitat restoration; trash management; recreation enhancements such as camping, fishing, docking and mooring areas; environmental and information signage.

Mandatory Qualification Requirements:
The applicant shall submit an electronic or hard copy proposal. Proposals, excluding attachments and cover letters, shall not exceed four (4) pages in length, on standard 8.5” x 11” paper, minimum 12-point font. One page shall consist of a detailed cost estimate. Attachments shall be limited to photos, maps, designs and data necessary to the proposals and shall not exceed an additional four (4) pages. The applicant must demonstrate that all permits and consents have been obtained prior to funding approval.

General Evaluation Criteria:
All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the District Office for compliance with the procedures for the program. Proposals that are in compliance with the grant requirements will be scheduled for presentation and review by the District’s Board of Commissioners. Decisions of the District Board are final. The District Board reserves the right to reject any proposal in part or in full.


Project Title:
Provide a brief title for the project (one line).

Contact Information:
Name/Affiliation, Mailing address, phone/fax number and e-mail (as applicable). Contact information for any proposed sub-contractors shall also be provided.

Project Location:
Provide a general description (may include map as an attachment) of the referenced spoil island, including the location of the activity on the island.

Project Description:
Accurately and briefly describe the project, including specific activities to occur, personnel involved, and materials necessary to the activity/improvement. The objectives and final product of the proposal must be clearly defined and stated, and must be in compliance with any management plans that apply to the site. One page must provide a detailed cost-estimate, total project costs, and cost-share breakdown. The proposal must also include a specific timeline for project implementation, including start date and completion date. Any contributing partners and/or sub-contractors shall be listed, including their specific responsibilities and contributions. Any previous actions related to this project shall also be described. A minimum 5-year maintenance plan shall be included, with a listing of activities and personnel to accomplish the maintenance plan.

Type, Number of Awards, Funding Level:
A reimbursement agreement will be executed for this project. Only one agreement per spoil island will be awarded, however, successful applicants who can demonstrate the ability to “adopt and manage” more than one spoil island at a time may be awarded multiple contracts. Funding awards will not exceed $20,000 per project. No more than $60,000, per fiscal year, per County, shall be allocated. All funding is subject to availability of District funds for this program and approval by the District Board.

Matching Funds:
Eligible project may qualify for up to 90% matching funds and applicants will be ranked with preference to contributions. Cash and other grant funds are acceptable for the applicant’s local matching funds. The Project Sponsor may contribute in-kind construction labor; such in-kind construction labor costs will be valued at the Independent Sector estimated national value of each volunteer hour. No administrative costs, maintenance costs, associated labor costs, or recurring costs can be incorporated into the project costs. Festivities, food and beverages are not eligible for funding.

Solicitation Schedule, Awards Schedule

Small-Scale Spoil Island Restoration & Enhancement Program
This Request for Proposals is ongoing. The District intends to announce contract awards roughly 30 days after the receipt date of a successful proposal. Contracts will be initiated within 20 days of an award announcement.

Other: The District shall be recognized in all promotions and advertising (etc.). A sign to be provided by the District shall be installed upon project completion.

For additional information on this request please contact:

Florida Inland Navigation District
Attention: Deputy Director
1314 Marcinski Road
Jupiter, Florida 33477-9498
Phone (561) 627-3386