The Waterway (WAP) and Cooperative Assistance Programs (CAP) are grant programs established for the purpose of financially cooperating with local governments carrying out public navigation, increasing boater access, local and regional mooring field management, public recreation/waterfront parks, inlet management, environmental education, and boating safety projects, directly related to the waterways and to alleviate problems associated with the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and associated waterways within the District.

The District provides up to 75% for public navigation projects, while all other project categories are eligible for up to 50% funding assistance. Annually the District allocates approximately $10-$14 million dollars for the program.

Federal, State and Regional Government Agencies

County and Local Governments

Small Scale Derelict Vessel Removal

The District provides assistance funding up to $150,000 per county per year to assist other governments with derelict vessel removal projects.

Small Scale Spoil Island Restoration and Enhancement

Spoil islands were created from side-casted dredged material during the construction of the Intracoastal Waterway. The islands are designated for conservation, environmental education and recreation. The District has developed a Small-Scale Spoil Island Enhancement Program to foster “adoption & stewardship” of these islands. This program is intended to provide general improvements, cleanup and maintenance to these islands. The District intends to seek the most technically sound and cost-effective proposals that specifically address the enhancement, improvement and maintenance of spoil islands of the Waterway.

Waterway Cleanup Support

The waterways in the District accumulate trash and debris from many sources. FIND sponsors voluntary waterway clean-ups in each of the 12 counties, partnering with Keep Florida Beautiful affiliates, Marine Industry Associations and other organizations.